Emmanuel I-IV
Created Good

We believe that the arts are part of God’s good creation – creations of creatures created in the image of God. And because we value God, God’s Story, God’s people and God’s world we value, by extension, art created by his creatures in his world. In this light, we are free to enjoy them without any particular use in mind. They are, as Presidential appointee to the National Council on the Arts Makoto Fujimura observes, “often use-less,” and intentionally so – a sort of garden of delight.

Redemptive Word

And yet, in light of the Fall, we long for something more, and in the context of the Biblical narrative, art has the potential to speak a redemptive word, in Fujimura’s words, “to create the world that ought to be.” And so in addition to recognizing the use-less potential of art, we recognize its use-fullness as a vehicle for the Gospel. It’s not an either-or, but a both-and – the whole Story for the whole world.

Art that Tells the Story

In an effort to enable the body of Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI and our community to engage the arts as created good and redemptive word we have been exhibiting a wide variety of art and this in addition to collecting art that tells the Story as a more explicit and particular redemptive word.

We trust that through this art you might enjoy God’s good creation and experience his Story.

The Arts @ CBC in the News

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