Art that Tells the Story

The Permanent Collection of CBC
  • He Spake and it was Done, Sandra Bowden
  • In the Beginning was the Word, Sandra Bowden
  • Abyss, Sandra Bowden
  • Expulsion of Adam and Eve, Wayne Forte
  • Christ’s Resurrection, Edward Knippers
  • Peace Returned, Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
  • Abraham: To Give it All…, Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
  • Mountain of God I and II, Julie Quinn
  • Preparation, Jonathan Quist
  • That Glorious Form, Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
  • Simeon’s Song and Anna’s Song, Peter Gordon
  • Only as a Child, Jim Connelly
  • Jesus Eats with Friends, Rick Beerhorst
  • Access, Julie Quinn
  • Adventus (Arrival), Michael Buesking
  • Mesquite, John Marquardt
  • Heaven and Hell, Scott Laumann