Past Exhibitions

Debby Topliff
Visual Translations
September 2011

Scott Laumann
They and the Face and Hands
March-April 2011

Alfonse Borysewicz
Advent 2010

Sandra Bowden
Engaging the Word
June – August 2010

Michael Buesking
A Violent Rushing Wind
Pentecost 2010

Rick Beerhorst
Seeing the Unseen
April – May 2010

Clay Enoch and from the permanent collection: Armand Merizon and Rick Beerhorst
Easter 2010

Jonathan Quist and Edward Knippers
Lent 2010

Alfonse Borysewicz and from the permanent collection: Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
Advent 2009

Mary Andersen
Oil Landscapes
October – November 2009

Carol McCrady and John August Swanson
The Prodigal Son – Gerbens Collection, pt.3
August 2009

Steve Prince
The Prodigal Son – Gerbens Collection, pt.2
July 2009

Rembrandt & Riojas
The Prodigal Son – Gerbens Collection, pt.1
June 2009

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
Gateway to Spring
May 2009

Wayne Forte and Julie Quinn
Faith & Repentance: Sacred Duties~Inseparable Graces
Lent/Easter 2009

John Marquardt
Vessels for Honor
February 2009

Peter Gordon
Connetquot I and II
January 2009

Peter Gordon and Julie Quinn
Songs of Advent and Reckoning
Advent 2008

Jonathan Quist
October – November 2008

Doug Fassett
October 2008

Mary Andersen
Oil Landscapes

Harvey Alley
July 2007

Gail Kedde (Zieger)
Pastel Landscapes
July 2007